Our Philip Rutherford, where art thou?

Genealogy and the search for the history of all family lines our tree has branched out to, has been a life-long passion. Lately with all the hype surrounding Genealogy, from recent TV shows like NBC's WDYTYR, Who Do You Think You Are, co-produced by Lisa Kudrow and sponsored by, and the PBS show, Finding Your Roots, with Henry Louis Gates, © 2012 WNET. I am torn between wanting to praise and complain about the increased interest by celebrities who have moved on from designer dogs carried in purses to wanting designer family trees that include important statesmen or distant connections to the Mayflower voyagers.

The increased attention has brought more people to my own family history website, and that is definitely a good thing as the more contacts we have the more we learn, but what the TV shows do not make as clear as they should, is that the discoveries made and documents viewed took many weeks or months to find, by the work of professional genealogists with a specif…

The 1940 Federal Census Has Arrived

What is obvious is that I’ve put off blogging for as long as I could, but today is one of those #Genealogy days that needs to go down in my research logs and be remembered in a special way. Today is the day that they are releasing the 1940 US Federal Census records. So what’s the big deal and why is this special?

What is special is that it is being released on the internet, so will be available to the entire world of genealogists both amateur and professional alike, at the same moment. The only real barriers are the stability of your internet connection and having enough technical knowledge to find and use the actual NARA site it will be hosted on, and/or wading through the hundreds - maybe thousands - of new how-to blogs, videos and articles that have been published to “help” you. I promise not to add to that number here, as I am not an expert and would rather get to my own research rather than try to lead others today.

Do you remember the release of the 1930 census? Neither do I. Ther…

Rutherford Genealogy Open House !

Hello to all who are researching the Rutherford lines!

I have set up this blog to make communications among us easier and to have interesting posts available on what I hope will be a regular basis. It's a way to continue conversations semi-offline from the general posting sites like Rootsweb Lists etc.. It is a place for anyone with a thought to opine and not feel the need to phrase as a query.

This site is for all your thoughts, queries, wishes and stories that you'd like to share with other Rutherford (and associated) family historians. Family stories, especially those that are funny or unusual happenings, would really be a great start to sharing our family line information.

You can also include pictures! See the little icon in the toolbar for uploading images.
Spell check and read what you wrote before posting to prevent some embarrassment, but the only limits I expect are to remain civil, polite and not post anything that might be considered inappropriate about living relative…